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Will Glaser discusses “The End of Self-Checkouts” and why checkout-free is a win-win for retailers and shoppers

July 9th, 2024

Newsweek published new research in “The End of Self-Checkouts?” showing the increasing frustration retailers and shoppers have with self-checkout systems. As Grabango’s Founder & CEO Will Glaser said, “We are not surprised by the research results. While some shoppers like self-checkout machines, many do not, and it can result in alienating shoppers who resent doing the checkout work themselves.”

Glaser also highlighted the huge opportunity from checkout-free technology. “In particular, self-checkout causes a dramatic increase in partial shrink, where a shopper pays for some of their purchase, but not the full amount. By eliminating partial shrink, checkout-free systems more than double bottom-line grocery profits, a win-win for retailers and shoppers.”

Read the full article here.

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