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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

About Grabango

Grabango is a Silicon Valley startup that offers checkout-free shopping services based on computer vision and machine learning technology. Shoppers pick up items they want and exit the store without waiting in line.

The Grabango app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  To get started, add your account information and register a credit card or debit card.

While Grabango and Amazon Go seem similar on the outside, the two systems serve different purposes. Amazon Go is designed for a small store environment that is purpose-built around it. In contrast, Grabango serves large-format retail customers and works with their existing operation, product mix and shopping environment.

Grabango is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and works in a growing number of stores across the US.

Grabango is free for shoppers.

No. In fact, food prices will come down over time, particularly in stores that once had significant problems with shoplifting.

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Shopper Experience

Just shop as you normally do; nothing new is required. The Grabango system keeps a running tally of purchases as you move through the store. When it comes time to check out, scan the code in your Grabango app and walk directly out of the store. There is no longer a need to wait in line or unpack your items onto a conveyor belt.

The credit or debit card you enter into the app is billed after you exit the store.

Yes.  You can buy anything in the store with Grabango technology.  However, state regulations may impact which items are eligible for purchase in some locations.  You may need to show your picture ID to prove you meet the age requirements for certain items.  If there are any questions, please check with a store associate at any Grabango powered store. 

Anyone is welcome to shop with you. When you’re ready to leave the store, scan the Grabango app to purchase the items you’re carrying. You can then pass your phone to someone else so they can scan the app for their items as well. Grabango recognizes what each person is carrying and charges the correct amount for each.

Tap the Receipts button on the bottom of the Grabango app. Each receipt shows the items you purchased along with the individual price and a total. Receipts remain in your account for 12 months.

Store loyalty program promotions are redeemable through Grabango, but paper coupons are not. Add your store loyalty program in the Grabango app to take advantage of discounts and special pricing.

Pending charges occur when merchants request authorization of payments to ensure you have the funds available to complete your purchase. The final charge may be different, and is often lower, than the pending charge. Your card issuer will clear the pending charge once processing of your final transaction is complete.

If you know your app password and want to reset it, tap Account, then Account, and then Change Password. If you forget your password and need to reset it, click “Send Email” and reset instructions will be sent to you.

The email address associated with your login cannot be updated at this time.

You can have only one debit or credit card connected to your account. Accepted cards include American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

The Grabango app can be downloaded to multiple devices, and your account can be accessed from any device running iOS or Android.

Your credit or debit card information and store receipts are stored securely in your account, even if you reinstall the app.

Grabango Technology

The Grabango system consists of overhead rails in the store running machine learning algorithms. There are no sensors at eye level, in the shelves or in the floor. We do not use lasers or facial recognition. Redundancy is built throughout the system to assure the system’s long-lasting reliability.

The system is unobtrusively located above the shopping area. The system monitors the location of all products whether on the shelf, in someone’s basket or with a shopper leaving the store. Shoppers enter the store, select the items they want and exit without waiting in line.

Grabango uses patented computer vision and machine learning technology. It’s similar to the technology used by autonomous vehicles but much more reliable.

Privacy & Data Security

Grabango maintains credit or debit card details and keeps a record of all receipts for one year in the app. When Location Permission is granted, you also see the logo of the store where you’re shopping in the app and on your receipt.

No problem. Simply exit through the checkout lane as you normally would, but it will take as long as it always did to scan your items.

Grabango is vigilant about protecting shoppers’ privacy and their personal data. For more information, please see the Grabango Privacy Policy.

No. Grabango does not sell personal shopper data to third parties.

No. Grabango does not use facial recognition.

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