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Grabango Expands Its Checkout-Free Footprint With bp with a New Partnership

Coming soon to 10 more convenience stores coast-to-coast, Grabango inks largest deal in checkout-free space

December 9th, 2021

Whether shoppers are grabbing their morning coffee, lunch on a break, or a quick snack, they can choose convenience by skipping the line with Grabango. Soon, shoppers at bp convenience stores will have this choice in California and Pennsylvania. 

Grabango is partnering with bp to offer its customers checkout-free shopping across their network. In the largest multi-store checkout-free technology rollout to date, Grabango will be available at 10 locations including seven ampm sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and three Amoco locations in Pittsburgh, by mid-2022.

Grabango and bp have a shared mission to redefine what convenience means for the on-the-go shopper. Grabango is excited to offer a better checkout option to shoppers in the country’s most popular stores. 

With its ever expanding footprint powering some of the largest retailers in the world, Grabango is doubling down on its commitment to share its seamless shopping experience with consumers everywhere. The news of Grabango’s partnership with bp follows on the heels of its recently announced partnership with global retail chain Circle K, where its award-winning checkout-free technology is now in six stores in the greater Tucson area. At the time of last month’s announcement, it was the largest-ever commercial rollout of checkout-free retrofits in the world. 

Just last year, Grabango was the first company to retrofit its checkout-free technology into an already operating Giant Eagle GetGo store and will be live and available for shoppers at additional GetGo stores in northern Pittsburgh early next year.  

Read more from bp on its partnership with Grabango, below. 

bp and Grabango transforming the convenience store experience by launching automated checkouts

In-store innovation offers checkout-free shopping beginning in mid-2022

CHICAGO, (DECEMBER 9, 2021): bp is changing the experience for convenience store shoppers by integrating automated checkout into Amoco and ampm stores. bp is working with Grabango, the leading provider of checkout-free technology for existing stores, to retrofit 10 convenience store locations across the bp network, Grabango’s largest multi-store roll-out ever. By introducing Grabango’s technology within select stores, bp is taking a step on the path towards an innovative future for the convenience store experience.  

As part of bp’s ambition to reach net-zero by 2050 or sooner and help the world get there too, its offering new business models and service platforms to deliver ‎the future of mobility, energy and services for its customers.‎ 

“We are always looking for innovative solutions that bring a more seamless experience to our customers,” said Lisa Blalock, vice president of marketing, mobility & convenience Americas for bp. “We believe this technology will positively change the scale of retail and create a wave reaction in the marketplace. Today it’s just our first 10 locations. Tomorrow, there is potential to bring Grabango’s technology to our entire network.” 

bp will offer Grabango’s checkout-free solution at 10 locations throughout the country, including seven ampm stations in northern California and three Amoco locations in western Pennsylvania. Grabango-powered ampm and Amoco stores will be live to shoppers in mid-2022. 

Grabango is free and allows shoppers to skip the line altogether and save time. There are no special shelves, carts, baskets, or turnstiles required to enter or shop. To get started, shoppers download the free Grabango app and shop as they normally would. The Grabango system keeps a running tally of items picked up so there’s no need to scan each one on the way out. Payment is automatic and contactless, saving additional time for the shopper.  

“It’s exciting to team up with bp to delight their shoppers with how easy checkout has become,” said Will Glaser, CEO of Grabango. “This is a unique opportunity to leverage our offering to usher in the future of retail for bp. By working together, we will deploy our largest rollout ever, spanning multiple brands and regions. We know shoppers will appreciate the option of a more streamlined checkout at Amoco and ampm locations where Grabango technology is available.” 

The new convenience store technology integration comes on the heels of bp acquiring Thorntons, a beloved convenience store brand in the Midwest and Florida. Thorntons’ customer-focused business will help enhance innovative offers including high-quality food, loyalty programs and next-generation mobility solutions.  As bp grows its convenience store retail network, it aims to bring innovative solutions to its customers, such as checkout-free shopping.  

To learn more about bp’s new efforts to reach customers and its partnership with Grabango visit 


About bp
bp’s ambition is to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero. bp is America’s largest energy investor since 2005, investing more than $130 billion in the economy and supporting about 230,000 jobs through its business activities. For more information on bp in the US, visit

About Grabango

Grabango is the leading provider of checkout-free technology for existing, large-scale store chains. Grabango delivers a next-generation shopper experience and is the only enterprise-class, checkout-free solution deployed at multiple chains coast to coast. The Grabango platform is a fault-tolerant, edge computing network that accurately processes millions of simultaneous transactions. The system places no limits on who can enter the store, what can be sold there, or how the shelving is configured. For more information, visit

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